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    'Philomena' is a true story told with spunk, sparkle and wit

    11/27/2013 12:13 PM EST
    He is an ex-journalist who crossed over to a government spokesman job that has just blown up in his face. Depressed, embarrassed, the one story idea he's been pitched is "human interest," a story by and about "weak-minded, vulgar, ignorant people."  
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    'Homefront': Statham's acting chops are no stunt
    11/27/2013 12:16 PM EST - Sylvester Stallone wrote the screenplay for "Homefront," the story of a former DEA agent who quits his job and moves to a small town under a new identity, with the intention to star in the film himself as the closing chapter of the "Rambo" saga. But the project stalled, Stallone got too old and he ditched the "Rambo" stuff and handed the lead over to Jason Statham. Full Story

    'Frozen': Princess takes her place
    11/27/2013 12:31 PM EST - Forget the eight forgettable tunes and Disney's "Frozen" finds a pleasant home in the ranks of Disney's animated "princess" musicals.  Full Story

    'Dallas Buyers Club': McConaughey in top form
    11/23/2013 09:40 AM EST - Matthew McConaughey just keeps getting better and better, turning in performances that are layered and powerful while portraying characters who are resolutely of a particular time and place. But he might find it hard to top himself after "Dallas Buyers Club," the flawed but moving drama based on a true story from the ‘80s about a Texas man battling both AIDS and the government.  Full Story

    'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' | Bigger, better, and broodier
    11/23/2013 09:40 AM EST - The Districts are in revolt. People are being shot simply for raising their hands and whistling -- not because they're trying to hail a cab (they're too poor), but as a symbol of solidarity and protest. Full Story

    'Delivery Man': Turning up the charm
    11/23/2013 09:38 AM EST - "Delivery Man" is a Vince Vaughn comedy about an irresponsible oaf who discovers that his sperm-donations-for-money years resulted in 533 kids he never knew he had.  Full Story

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    11/22/2013 07:58 AM EST - AKA DOC POMUS (NR). Documentary tracking the remarkable life and career of Brooklyn-born Jerome Felder, who, paralyzed with polio as a child, reinvented himself first as a blues singer, renaming himself Doc Pomus, then emerged as one of the most brilliant songwriters of the early rock and roll era.  Full Story

    'Delivery Man': Deja vu all over again
    11/20/2013 01:53 PM EST - It seems like only eight months ago I was reviewing "Starbuck," a charming little feel-good film by Ken Scott based on the true story of a sperm donor who wakes up to discover he has fathered 533 adorable kids. What's the difference between the two films? Other than the fact that Scott has replaced actor Patrick Huard with Vince Vaughn, not much. Full Story

    '12 Years A Slave': Lessons of slavery hit with a wallop
    11/09/2013 07:34 AM EST - We expect the lashings, the leg irons, the cruelty and injustice of it all. But what Steve McQueen's brilliant "12 Years A Slave" does for our understanding of that "peculiar" institution is the utter hopelessness of those enslaved.  Full Story

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    11/08/2013 07:49 AM EST - ALL IS LOST (PG-13). An old man sailing alone around the world is confronted with his mortality after his sailboat starts to sink. Full Story