NORTH ADAMS -- Up to a dozen 1199 SEIU members who worked at the former North Adams Regional Hospital are traveling to Boston on Thursday to keep the spotlight on re-opening an emergency department and other services.

According to Jeff Hall, spokesman for 1199 SEIU, today is the annual rally for union workers that gather at the grand staircase inside the statehouse to rally for workers rights. This year, one of the major issues they'll be advocating will be the closing of NARH.

While the rally is ongoing, Hall said, the former North Adams Regional workers will be "trying to meet with as many people as we can in the administration and the Legislature."

He said the mission is to make sure the emergency room opening date is achieved and more health care are services offered.

"I think people feel better about what's happening there now," Hall said, "but in the last few miles of a race you can't let up. It's a chance to underscore the importance of getting the hospital doors open as soon as possible."

Berkshire Medical Center has stepped in to re-open the emergency department at the former North Adams Regional Hospital, which closed at the end of March. BMC has said it will re-open once its certification is official.