To the editor of THE EAGLE:

To the Board of Trustees and administrators of the former North Adams Regional Hospital:

Due to your incompetence and inability to make good investments you have not only negatively affected more than 500 employees, now your actions are even affecting the dead.

My mother worked for NARH for over 33 years and retired 25 years ago with a life insurance policy of $3,000 payable at death. My mother went to a nursing home over two years ago and prepaid her final expenses through the sale of her home and the transfer of this insurance policy to the funeral home. The remainder of what my mother had went to the nursing home.

When the funeral home went to cash in the insurance policy it was told because the hospital declared bankruptcy and stopped making the premiums the insurance policies were canceled and no money will be paid.

Again, to the Board of Trustees and administrators, I hope you are ashamed of what you have done to the living and the dead of this city. What a sad time for our citizens. I hope you can sleep at night.


North Adams