(Photo courtesy of Jessica A. Passetto)
Taconic Honors Choir carry perfect pitch throughout county

Students travel throughout Berkshire County, sharing their singing talents and entertaining community members at every stop along the way
11/07/2014 01:47 PM EST
PITTSFIELD >> When Music Director Jessica A. Passetto asks her students who wants to go first to sing in front of the classroom, facing their peers, a single hand doesn't raise up — instead, more than three-quarters of the choir members' hands shoot up with excitement. 
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Rearranging items on tables, shelves gives room a fresh, new look
11/07/2014 01:42 PM EST - Designers often surprise their clients by sharing a secret: You can dramatically change the look of a room simply by changing or rearranging the items on your bookshelves and tabletops. Full Story

Book Review: Best of 'Vanity Fair'
11/07/2014 01:44 PM EST - Before Buzzfeed, before Spy, before Rolling Stone and the Paris Review, there was Vanity Fair. Full Story

Book Review: 'The Burning Room' sure to be best-selling crime story
11/07/2014 01:44 PM EST - Harry Bosch and his rookie partner tackle a cold case with present-day ramifications in Michael Connelly's latest novel, "The Burning Room. Full Story

Short Answers: Fine line between give and lend
11/07/2014 01:43 PM EST - Dear Short Answers >> A friend of mine gave me a dress approximately 6 years ago. Full Story

Mr. Know-it-all: Ready, aim, answer
11/07/2014 01:40 PM EST - Q: I saw an interview with an expert on the Old West. He claims the face-to-face gunfights in the middle of a town never happened — he blamed Hollywood and later TV for this exaggeration. Full Story

Local video rental stores still survive thanks to loyal customers
10/30/2014 02:57 PM EDT - Video stores are mostly a thing of the past, but some cling-on, servicing niche customers needs. Full Story

WeeMuse Pajama Night to be held at Berkshire Museum
10/30/2014 02:59 PM EDT - PITTSFIELD >> It's a cozy night of storytelling and family reading at the Berkshire Museum, and everyone can wear their favorite pajamas. Full Story

Newsroom picks: Here's what we're reading
10/30/2014 02:58 PM EDT - History 'The Guns at Last Light' By Rick Atkinson The third in a historical trilogy of WWII, the book focuses on the planning and execution of the D-Day invasion. Full Story

CET: Buttoning up a home for winter
10/30/2014 02:59 PM EDT - In this column, staff at the Center for EcoTechnology offer advice on easy ways for people — and businesses — to introduce green changes in their daily lives. Full Story

Thai leader pats reporter on head, tugs his ear

BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand's military-installed prime minister, known for scolding journalists, is trying a new tack: patting their heads and tugging their ears. Full Story
Alison Krauss to perform at Emmylou Harris tribute

NEW YORK (AP) — Alison Krauss is set to pay tribute to Emmylou Harris at a concert in January. "The Life & Songs of Emmylou Harris: An All-Star Concert Celebration" will take place Jan. Full Story