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Book review: 'Who Let the Dog Out?' satisfies to very end

07/23/2015 02:03 PM EDT
With his sharp wit and skillful courtroom tactics, lawyer Andy Carpenter continues to shine in "Who Let the Dog Out? 
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Short Answers: Slow down, you move too fast
07/23/2015 01:14 PM EDT - Dear Short Answers >> A good friend of mine just got engaged. She met the guy on j-date about 2 months ago. Full Story

Strange But True: What was the roar over dino stamp?
07/23/2015 01:13 PM EDT - Q: When the United States Postal Service (USPS) issued its new "Brontosaurus" stamp in 1989, it came under criticism from the Smithsonian Institute and others. Full Story

ARK: A new luxury terminal for animals at Kennedy Airport
07/24/2015 08:02 AM EDT - NEW YORK — Jet-setting stallions and high-flying hounds at New York's Kennedy Airport can look forward to a new luxury terminal that will handle the more than 70,000 animals flying in and out every year. Full Story

Every suite tells a story in Pilcer's 'The Last Hotel'
07/23/2015 01:13 PM EDT - It's the late 1970s, and the setting is New York's Upper West Side. The Big Apple is staggering under debt, runaway inflation, public union strikes and a soaring crime rate that made crossing Central Park or strolling most streets an adventure, day or night. Full Story

Short Answers: Rules for the perfect house guest
07/17/2015 09:19 AM EDT - Dear Short Answers >> What are the responsibilities of house guests on a holiday weekend? Full Story

Go Green: Time to think about insulation
07/17/2015 09:19 AM EDT - In this column, staff at the Center for EcoTechnology offer advice on easy ways for people — and businesses — to introduce green changes in their daily lives. Full Story

Light show: Volcano on a remote Pacific island spews lava every 30 minutes
07/17/2015 09:16 AM EDT - It's constantly hissing, fussing and belching, but every half hour or so Yasur volcano sends up a tremendous spurt of lava and a boom so loud it is deafening on the crater rim and can be heard for miles. Full Story

Spinning vinyl into art: Recycling used records for novelties
07/17/2015 09:16 AM EDT - NEW YORK >> These vinyl records give "remaster" a new meaning. An entrepreneur transforms the lacquered discs into jewelry, clocks, wall art and other novelties, with the perk of keeping a little more trash out of the environment along the way. Full Story

Strange but True: Why only shaken martinis for Bond?
07/17/2015 09:16 AM EDT - Q: Here's one for you drinkers and non-drinkers alike: What was James Bond getting at with his famous vodka martini preference: "shaken, not stirred"? Full Story

Puddle of Mudd singer Scantlin accused of DWI, fleeing

OLIVIA, Minn. (AP) — Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin faces charges of drunken driving and fleeing police after a chase in Minnesota that reached speeds of about 100 mph. Full Story
Train co-founder Hotchkiss back on track with new band

The Grammy singer-songwriter Rob Hotchkiss won as a founding member of the multiplatinum band Train sits inconspicuously on a shelf in the hillside house in Fairfax that he and his wife, Pam, recently moved into,returning to the Bay Area after years of semi-retirement on Vashon Island in Washington's Puget Sound.