Knitted squid, anyone? You might find one here. Look around the room. A fiddler is playing Bring the Torch Jeanette Isabella, and beside that sweep of red silk a silver man is dancing underneath a silver tree. A woman in a woolen sweater is talking about her favorite place to photograph wood ducks.

You're standing in the Alchemy Initiative's annual Handmade Holiday festival in Pittsfield -- or at the Williamstown Holiday Craft Fair -- or in Windsor, or New Marlborough, or the Stockbridge Town Hall, or the Botanical Garden ...

Or in the warmth of the general store you're sipping coffee and reading a map of studios in Monterey. You follow a back road to a barnyard where llamas watch you over the fence.

This weekend, every town in the county seems to be opening its doors. Downtowns jostle with carolers and horse-drawn carriages and luminaries.

We hear a lot about buying local these days, and it cheers me. Given the choice between cicking a mouse click and standing in a hay barn, or a four-foot-square room in a dairy with Berkshire Blue Cheese wheels in the fridge, or a shop full of Mad Libs with a capella groups tumbling through the door -- guess where I'll be.

I only wish I knew more about what we have to offer. So in the next few weeks I'll be looking around and inviting you to share what you see. Come out and make a wish on the line of luminaries flickering in the dusk. I'll wish for snow.