• Traffic meters made for revenue - 04/20/2014 01:13 AM EDT
    Getting ready for prom

    04/20/2014 12:10 AM EDT
    PITTSFIELD Prom season is on the way, and at The Eagle, our features editor, Lindsay Hollenbaugh, has been asking reporters to send her our old prom photos. 
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    People pay when firms sidestep taxes
    04/20/2014 12:10 AM EDT - Los Angeles Times The average American would have to fork over an extra $1,259 in state and federal income taxes this year to make up for the revenue lost because of offshore tax havens used by corporations and wealthy individuals, according to a new report. Full Story

    Focus on business center changes
    04/20/2014 12:10 AM EDT - PITTSFIELD -- Obtaining tenants for the 20,000 square foot building that the city of Pittsfield hopes to construct at the William Stanley Business Park of the Berkshires is no longer focused primarily on life sciences companies. Full Story

    The pothole pandemic: How a very snowy winter crippled US road budgets
    04/20/2014 12:10 AM EDT - In Michigan’s way-up-north Keweenaw Peninsula, where 200 inches of snow in a single season elicits barely a shrug, officials know there’s nothing in the budget more important than keeping the roads passable. Full Story

    In Brief
    04/20/2014 12:10 AM EDT - Williamstown: Financial adviser cited by President’s Club True North Financial President Rob Abel, an independent financial adviser affiliated with Commonwealth Financial Network, has achieved Commonwealth President’s Club status for 2014. Full Story

    How sleeping at work helps you
    04/20/2014 12:10 AM EDT - Some forward-thinking companies such as Nike and Google offer places for their employees to nap. Full Story

    Wrong way to pay for financial advice
    04/20/2014 12:10 AM EDT - Imagine you’re checking out at the grocery store. As the clerk scans your bananas, she asks you to step on the scale. Full Story

    Eyewitness testimony questioned
    04/20/2014 12:10 AM EDT - PORTLAND, Ore. -- The American legal system offers few moments as dramatic as an eyewitness to a crime pointing his finger across a crowded courtroom at a defendant. Full Story

    How can he keep porch from rotting?
    04/20/2014 12:10 AM EDT - Q: My mahogany front porch floor is built on a frame over the original concrete slab. Full Story

    Earnings push market higher
    04/18/2014 12:10 AM EDT - Corporate earnings pushed U.S. stocks mostly higher on Thursday, but it wasn’t an easy ride up. Full Story

    Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions Week of March 10 -14

    04/18/2014 01:02 PM EDT
    March 10-14 Adams Douglas M. Hakkinen sold property at 16 Overlook Terrace, Adams, to Marybeth Marko and David B. 
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    Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions Week of Feb. 24 to 28
    04/18/2014 01:01 PM EDT - Feb. 24-28 Adams Paula M. Santerre and Paula M. Richardson sold property at 82-84 Friend St. Full Story

    Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions
    02/16/2014 09:04 AM EST - Jan. 13-17 Adams Charles J. Welch Estate and Thomas C. Welch sold property at 10 Bieniek Ave. Full Story

    Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, Dec. 9-13
    01/12/2014 07:29 AM EST - Dec. 9-13 Adams Erica Maynard sold property at 19 Mill St., Adams, to Norman S. Full Story

    Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions
    12/29/2013 08:26 AM EST - Nov. 25-29 Adams S&S RT and Richard J. Scullin sold property at 173 Howland Ave. Full Story

    This adorable baby squirrel is being nursed back to health

    A wildlife rehabilitation center in Washington, D.C., is caring for a baby squirrel that fell from its nest and landed on a concrete sidewalk 75 feet below. Full Story