Business Briefs for Aug. 31

08/31/2014 01:46 AM EDT
In Brief North Adams: MountainOne Financial forms services team MountainOne Bank has formed a commercial services team that consists of experienced company employees Shawn George, Joe Mele, and Seerena Huxley. 
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Back-to-School Tech: Protect and power new school gear
08/31/2014 01:55 AM EDT - There is more to back-to-school tech than laptops and smartphones. To be fully outfitted for the rigors of studying, you need smart solutions to carry, protect and power your tech gear without it all becoming too cumbersome. Full Story

Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions
08/31/2014 02:19 AM EDT - July 28-Aug. 1 Adams Norman S. Haas sold property at 72 Columbia St. Full Story

Natasha Dresner: The power of a simple piece of paper
09/01/2014 03:04 PM EDT - PITTSFIELD -- Are you familiar with the Golem story? No, not the one from the Lord of The Rings. Full Story

Motley Fool: It’s always best to keep it simple
08/31/2014 12:11 AM EDT - "The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function. Full Story

When corporations invert
08/31/2014 02:28 AM EDT - WASHINGTON -- Burger King is drawing a lot of flak over plans to shift its legal address to a foreign country by merging with Tim Hortons, the Canadian coffee-and-doughnut chain. Full Story

CamelBak reaches 25th anniversary
08/31/2014 02:23 AM EDT - The story is legend among outdoor gear geeks. In 1988, during a bike race called the Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred, a vision of something that would become the CamelBak hydration pack was had by a parched rider named Michael Eidson. Full Story

Economic pessimism growing
08/31/2014 02:19 AM EDT - WASHINGTON -- Americans are more anxious about the economy now than they were right after the Great Recession ended despite stock market gains, falling unemployment and growth moving closer to full health. Full Story

The Blackout Revolution: Taking fitness to another level
08/31/2014 12:13 PM EDT - PITTSFIELD -- Freedom Brown and Michael Summers are personal trainers who want to take training to another level. Full Story

Is it time to get out of stocks?
08/30/2014 12:12 AM EDT - NEW YORK -- Is it time to cash out of stocks? The market has nearly tripled in a little over five years, and the Standard & Poor’s 500 index closed above 2,000 for the first time on Tuesday. Full Story

Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions

08/31/2014 02:19 AM EDT
July 28-Aug. 1 Adams Norman S. Haas sold property at 72 Columbia St. 
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Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions
08/17/2014 12:56 PM EDT - July 14-18 Adams Brenda L. Meczywor and Midfirst Bank sold property at 4 Grove St. Full Story

Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions
07/27/2014 09:29 AM EDT - June 23-27 Adams Elizabeth Linzey sold property at 28 East Orchard Terrace, Adams, to Todd F. Full Story

Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions
07/13/2014 09:29 AM EDT - June 9-13 Adams Wesley Scalise and Maria Cermenaro sold property at 27 Orchard St. Full Story

Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions
07/07/2014 02:08 PM EDT - June 2-6 Adams Paul A. and Debra A. Trzcinski sold property at 6 Burt St. Full Story

(Adam Berry)
Are car keys a thing of the past?

The furor over General Motors' deadly ignition switch has the potential to doom the car key, a technology drivers have been using for 65 years. Full Story
(Chris Pizzello)
Famous bidders lining up to buy Clippers

Billionaires, entertainers and athletes alike announced their intentions to pursue the Los Angeles Clippers with varying degrees of seriousness Wednesday, proving the longtime losers will be quite a prize if the NBA is able to wrest control of the team away from Donald Sterling after his lifetime ban for racist remarks. Full Story
(Chris Pizzello)
Louis CK is back and grumpier than ever

Louie, who (like Louis) is a New York comic and a divorced father of two daughters, knows struggle and angst and cloudy wonderment. He views life through eyes with a stricken look, dwelling in a state of comfortable dread. Full Story