SUPERIOR, Colo. -- If you see Sam Gambee walking the halls of Superior's Monarch High School, 15 minutes southeast of Boulder, Colo., ask him for a business card.

The 14-year-old freshman just opened a retail storefront called Slam-Gear near Superior's Safeway, where he offers wooden sunglasses, brightly colored silicone rubber belts, watches and dog collars.

"I've been a pretty hard worker and always worked hard at school," Gambee said, sitting at his shop's simple counter and snapping on to his wrist one of the watches he sells. "I've always wanted a job."

Gambee first followed the traditional labor-seeking route for a teen, trying to land a gig at a restaurant or retail store.

"But no one wanted to let a 14-year-old work because of the labor laws that come with it," he said.

So, last week, they threw open the doors to the public. Gambee runs over to the store after Monarch lets out, and works the counter on weekends as well.

With the help of his parents, Gambee formed his own company. Through connections at his church back in Michigan, where his family lived before moving to Superior in August, he landed Woody's sunglasses as a product line to sell. And after meeting an Aspen entrepreneur at the Taste of Colorado who was looking to unload her line of silicone-based clothing accessories, Gambee amassed enough inventory to go off on his own.

He built a website