SPRINGFIELD >> Western New England University has banned hoverboards from its campus, effective immediately. Students and faculty were notified of the ban by email on Wednesday, according to a news release.

The university cited safety concerns associated with hoverboards by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the potential impact to the safety of the campus community as reasons for banning the devices.

Due to fire concerns, the use, possession or storage of hoverboards is prohibited at university-owned or managed buildings, including residence and dining halls. Like other prohibited items, if found, they will be confiscated, the university said in a statement.

At least a dozen other universities, including four in the state of Connecticut, have also implemented bans on hoverboards, according to insidehighered.com.

The CPSC is investigating the safety of hoverboards and their potential to overheat and catch fire. The National Fire Protection Association has also issued a warning on the popular recreational devices.

Currently, 22 hoverboards have caught fire in 17 states.