PITTSFIELD - Two men, allegedly armed with knives, were among three people arrested on Wednesday during a 'chaotic' confrontation in a North Street parking lot shortly after the Fourth of July Parade, police said.

Police responding to a call about a fight around noon outside the Family Dollar store encountered a crowd of about 50 people crowded around the two men - Jose Camacho of Puerto Rico and Marvin Ramos of Pittsfield - who were reportedly chasing after one another and yelling.

Officer Matthew Kirchner, who noticed Camacho allegedly carrying a large knife, drew his weapon and ordered Camacho to drop the knife. Camacho complied after initially refusing, police said. Meanwhile, Officer Ignacio Matos detained Ramos, who witnesses said also had a knife. That weapon has not been recovered.

Ramos was charged with one count of disorderly conduct and a count of assault with a dangerous weapon. Camacho faces three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, and a count of disorderly conduct.

A third man, Kasey Trumball of Pittsfield, was arrested and charge with a count of disorderly conduct while the crowd was being dispersed by officers.

All three men are scheduled to be arraigned this morning in Central Berkshire District Court.