Tuesday November 6, 2012

The Pittsfield Fire Depart ment unveiled its newest addition on Monday night -- Engine 5 -- and officially put it into service.

Over the past few weeks, the truck, a 2012 Seagrave, had all of its equipment, radios and hose installed by the department's mechanic with help from many of the firefighters, Fire Chief Robert Czerwinski said.

The truck "provides a major boost to our aging fleet of trucks," according to Czer winski. Engine 5 replaces a 1990 Emergency One pumper, which will now go into reserve status for use in multiple-alarm fires and when repairs take other front-line apparatus out of service.

Engine 5 will be stationed in the Pecks Road Fire Station to serve the northwest quadrant of the city.

The truck has been designed to meet the types of calls to which the fire department routinely responds and to withstand the rigors of Pitts field's streets and the un certainty of New England weather, according to Czerwinski.