Jessica Rekos was among the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting
Jessica Rekos was among the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
NEWTOWN - Krista Rekos told a church packed full of mourners Tuesday that "I always felt just so lucky to be your mom."

Rekos was speaking about her daughter Jessica, 6, who was one of 20 children killed in a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School Friday morning.

Rekos said in her eulogy that in less than a week her daughter, who loved horses, would have been unwrapping cowboy boots and a hat. Those are two things "she has always wanted," Rekos said of Jessica.

"She wanted real cowboy boots not one from Target," her mom said.

Jessica's mother called her daughter the "CEO" of the family and her "daughter was smarter than her and her husband Rich combined."

Jessica is survived by two brothers including one who was born in April.

Rekos, who is a sixth-grade teacher at the Bridgeport School District, recalled a story when her daughter was 2½ years-old and she threw a giant temper tantrum. She said she threatened to throw Jessica's "princess shoes" in the garbage and as she was walking up the stairs her daughter slammed the door on her and locked the door. Rekos said her daughter won that argument.


Jessica had recently celebrated an accomplishment that made her mom marvel at her child's ingenuity. Jessica had struggled mightily to learn how to tie her shoes. But one day she told her mom "all excited" that she looked up a YouTube video and learned how to tie her shoes.