PITTSFIELD -- The city is gearing up for its annual census and expects that forms will be mailed to residents by Jan. 18.

City Clerk Linda Tyer said "every known resident in the city of Pittsfield" will be sent a census form listing the information now on file, while blank forms will be sent to residences in which the occupant is not listed in city records.

In the case of multiple-unit dwellings, a manager or owner might be asked for information, she said.

The population figures are of secondary importance in the annual city census, Tyer said. Its primary goals are to ensure accurate voters lists, as a resource for the jury commission, and as information on the number of school-age children who might attend city schools.

"Population is the least of it," she said.

Tyer said that for population figures, the city uses the U.S. Census, which is updated every 10 years. The city population in the 2010 census was 44,737.

Pertaining to the voter list, a second form might be sent if a voter on the list fails to respond to the first mailing.