PITTSFIELD -- A leak from a heating system that shut down Taconic High School last week has been fixed, Superintendent Jake McCandless said.

The leak, into a tunnel underneath the floor of the main office, had a smell similar to anti-freeze, McCandless said.

The exact type of chemical which leaked from the heating system wasn't immediately known. McCandless said it was a small amount. "It's an inconvenience," he said.

McCandless referred the more technical and specific questions about the leak, heating system and chemical involved, to Pittsfield Building Maintenance Director Peter Sondrini.

Sondrini did not return several messages seeking comment.

McCandless ordered the school closed Thursday morning after the leak sent several students to the nurse's office complaining of dizziness. McCandless said the department worked into the night, on Thursday, to repair the issue. School reopened the next day.

"I'm very grateful to the city for putting all hands on deck and getting it taken care of," McCandless said.

The city hired professional cleaners to shore up the mess in the tunnel from the leak, McCandless said.

The smell was the main problem, McCandless said. He is hopeful that work done by the city's maintenance department will permanently resolve the issue. "I'm hoping it's a permanent fix," he said. "Whether the issue will crop up again, I'm not sure."

School district officials are in the midst of working with the Massachusetts Building Authority on either renovating the 44-year-old building or constructing a new high school. School officials and Mayor Daniel Bianchi are scheduled to meet in Boston on Dec. 17 to review project designs submitted by three architectural firms. The city has set aside $1.3 million for architectural fees.

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