Robert F. Jakubowicz: Court punts away a critical ACA decision

05/23/2016 03:47 PM EDT
PITTSFIELD >> There is more involved in the Supreme Court case of Zubik v. 
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John Seven: North Adams better off with one less crumbling relic
05/23/2016 10:44 AM EDT - NORTH ADAMS — Having a sense of gallows humor is not required to live in North Adams, but it does help get you through some of the harder moments. Full Story

Ruth Bass: Berkshire visitors may open take-it-for-granted eyes
05/23/2016 06:08 AM EDT - RICHMOND — New eyes see new things. When my husband's editor at Putnam's decided to visit here for a weekend, we asked him what Berkshire attractions he'd like to see. Full Story

Edward Udel: MCAS killing all the joy in teaching, learning
05/22/2016 11:20 AM EDT - DALTON >> Mark Killjoy is an English teacher at New Millennium High School. Full Story

Clarence Fanto | The Bottom Line: Dawn of electronic tolls should ease Turnpike traffic flow
05/21/2016 09:13 AM EDT - LENOX >> With the Memorial Day holiday weekend approaching, Massachusetts Turnpike motorists have good reason to expect they'll be fuming over stopped traffic, especially at lengthy toll booth backups. Full Story

B. Stephen Boyd, Ellen Kennedy and Cory Thurston: Making BIC project a reality
05/20/2016 04:32 PM EDT - PITTSFIELD >> In response to an Eagle article of May 10 and an editorial of May 11, this letter is intended to provide a brief background of the Berkshire Innovation Center (BIC) and to clarify the amount of funding required to see this important project completed. Full Story

Dorothy van den Honert: Nasty, nosy nannies should drop restroom fixation
05/20/2016 04:32 PM EDT - PITTSFIELD >> What a country of nasty busy-bodies we are. Why on earth is it anybody's business what somebody else's gender is? Full Story

Bernard A. Drew: Shays' marker made right
05/20/2016 04:31 PM EDT - GREAT BARRINGTON >> An Arbor Day event in Sheffield echoed the current upheaval in national politics over class inequities. Full Story

"Smitty" Pignatelli: A way to assure dental care for all
05/20/2016 04:22 PM EDT - LENOX >> Last year, 47 percent of children with MassHealth coverage — more than 300,000 kids — did not see a dentist. Full Story

Bill Schmick | @TheMarket: Markets have been reset on the Fed's warning
05/20/2016 02:21 PM EDT - PITTSFIELD >> The markets fell and kept falling most of the week. Investors fear that at the Fed's next open market committee meeting in June, Federal Reserve Bank Chairperson, Janet Yellen, will decide to raise interest rates again. Full Story