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    The Motley Fool Investor: Here's how you can get poor in a hurry

    09/03/2015 02:46 PM EDT
    The secret to investing is the willingness to put up with pain. Avoid the destruction of throwing in the towel when the market plunges, and you've figured out most of this game. 
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    Leonard Quart: Connecting with Doctorow's Bronx
    09/03/2015 01:48 PM EDT - NEW YORK >> The novelist E.L Doctorow, who died recently, had a striking original gift for mixing fact and fiction. Full Story

    Edward Udel: Trump card is a loser for nation
    09/03/2015 01:48 PM EDT - DALTON >> Pundits and politicians alike are dumbfounded. What they anticipated from Donald Trump's candidacy was a brief campaign followed by the usually predictable elimination of any Republican candidate associated in any way, past or present, with any liberal cause. Full Story

    Derek Gentile: Destruction, resolve evident in post-Katrina visit
    09/03/2015 01:41 PM EDT - PITTSFIELD >> One of the things I'll always remember about my post-Katrina visit to the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans was the auto accident. Full Story

    Clellie Lynch: Giving the vulture his due
    09/02/2015 03:16 PM EDT - EAST CHATHAM, N.Y. >> As summer draws to a close, the lush green hillsides become speckled with bits of orange, gold and scarlet. Full Story

    Jim Shulman: Berkshire's penguin had New York roots
    09/02/2015 12:54 PM EDT - As a youngster in the 1950s I learned to recognize many birds by sight and by call, but I never saw any penguins in the Berkshires. Full Story

    Mary Shepard: New Krens museum belongs in downtown North Adams
    09/01/2015 04:38 PM EDT - MIDDLETOWN, R.I. >> I'm from Rhode Island and have gone up to visit the superb art museums in the Williamstown–North Adams area, the Clark, the Williams College Museum, and MassMOCA, almost every year since 1999 when Mass MoCA opened. Full Story

    Kristine Hazzard: We grieve together, we achieve together
    09/01/2015 12:52 PM EDT - As we wrap up one fiscal year and begin the next, it's a good time to talk about Berkshire United Way's cyclical approach to building a stronger community, where every developmental stage of life matters. Full Story

    Martin S. Kaplan: Cynics threaten historic Iran agreement
    08/31/2015 02:51 PM EDT - LENOX >> Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has become the de facto foreign minister of the Republican Party. Full Story

    Michelle Gillett: Picture taken, but memory lost
    08/31/2015 02:50 PM EDT - STOCKBRIDGE >> My granddaughter reached for a French fry then dropped it back on her plate in alarm. Full Story

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    'Star Wars' BB-8 droid is an instant hit

    'Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ merchandise unveiling has fans waiting in line outside stores.