Erik Sokolowski: Will we find them, or they us?

07/01/2016 05:02 PM EDT
PLANET EARTH >> Today is World UFO Day. A day many true believers hope will raise awareness of the "undoubted existence of UFOs" across the globe. 
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Bernard A. Drew: The lure of heights and boundaries
07/01/2016 05:02 PM EDT - GREAT BARRINGTON >> Some of my woods hikes are motivated by curiosity as to what I might see along an old stretch of road or trail. Full Story

Bill Schmick | @TheMarket: Why Fourth of July started early for the markets
07/01/2016 04:11 PM EDT - PITTSFIELD >> It wasn't supposed to happen. After the British surprise vote to exit the European Union caught global investors leaning the wrong way last week, most traders expected a blood bath. Full Story

Morgan Housel | The Motley Fool Investor: How to manage the fallout from Brexit
07/01/2016 10:19 AM EDT - The pundits may panic. Don't follow their lead. Market commentators are lining up to calmly forecast the likely outcome of the U. Full Story

Derek Gentile: Thick with fog, Greylock apt setting for wizardry
06/30/2016 05:34 PM EDT - ADAMS >> The news that celebrated fantasy author J.K. Rowlings has located a part of her new publication atop Mount Greylock will, I'm sure, help that community's economy. Full Story

Luke Delorme | Money Talk: Brexit and the importance of diversification
06/30/2016 03:51 PM EDT - GREAT BARRINGTON >> The unexpected vote by U.K. citizens to leave the European Union has left forecasters scratching their heads and investors running for cover. Full Story

Phyllis McGuire | View from the Village: Bears making unwelcome advances on condominium grounds
06/30/2016 06:37 AM EDT - WILLIAMSTOWN >> All seemed right with the world. I was enjoying breakfast on my patio and admiring my hanging basket of pink and lavender impatiens. Full Story

Clellie Lynch: Fliers on the Forth
06/29/2016 04:16 PM EDT - EAST CHATHAM, N.Y. >> Danny and I pull our damp hoodies over our heads as we scurry down the street looking for a taxi. Full Story

John Seven: Sanders supporters need to cast their votes wisely
06/27/2016 09:44 PM EDT - NORTH ADAMS — The same morning that it was announced Great Britain would leave the European Union, Bernie Sanders, on a morning show on MSNBC, announced that he would, indeed, vote for Hillary Clinton as the most effective measure against Donald Trump's presidency. Full Story

Lia Spiliotes: Meet rural care challenge with nurse practitioners
06/28/2016 11:07 AM EDT - GREAT BARRINGTON — Rural America lives with layers of demographic and geographic obstacles to health care, and not surprisingly, rural Americans face bigger health challenges than their urban and suburban neighbors. Full Story