'Twas two days before Christmas and all through the house,

Every creature was scurrying, even the mouse.

The stockings were washed and dried in the air

And the mom could not wait for St. Nick to be there.

She wanted the children tucked snug in their beds

For 48 hours -- that would take off the edge.

Instead they were running in and out doors

Spreading wet snow on her spanking clean floors;

Two slides down the hill and they came back with a clatter,

Bursting with spirit and spewing their chatter.

A neighbor, the son was quick to report,

Called Santa a FAKE. But he gave a quick snort,

Said he'd be right at a-cleaning the chi-men-nee

Because Nick would be coming, oh yes, by Jiminy.

The mom smiles at this trust, her son's faith in the elf

And for a moment believes, in spite of herself.

What would she do, she thinks in a flash,

If she encountered the elf with his big bag of stash,

Right there by the fire, right there by the couch,

A jolly fat man, bent over his pouch.

Perhaps she'd stay up, just this one Christmas Eve,

And see for herself what she ought to believe.

Ms. Kelly had announced through the world of TV

That Santa was white, what else could he be?

But the mom knew that Santa had magical powers,

Like Spiderman able to top all the towers.

The mom figured Santa could be black, white or yellow,

As tanned as a Ken doll, Grinch green or just mellow.

But Ms. Kelly was needy, she was sort of a Grinch,

To get max attention, from nothing she'd flinch.

She plunged into the season of peace and great pleasure

Saying Santa is white, then tosses Christ in, just for good measure.

All over the land people rose to her bait,

As ready as Lenox a debate to create.

On bigots! On racists! On Texans and more!

This is a goody that strikes at our core!

But the mom was now in a state of appall

Mounted her high horse, yelling dash away, dash away, dash away all!

"Santa's a dream, a holiday fantasy,

"No need to get a twist right there in your pantasy.

"We cannot be sure he even wears a red suit,

"Or whether he likes getting soot on his boot,

"But he makes us happy, he creates a warm glow,

"He's peaceful and generous and full of ho-ho.

"It makes no difference just how he's complected,

"So Ms. Kelly's announcement is quite misdirected.

"Santa's one more way to say peace and good will,

"So let the magic begin -- and Ms. Kelly be still."

And may every child with a stocking dream that a hoof

Came Christmas Eve to land on the roof.

Ruth Bass is expecting Santa on Christmas Eve. Her web site is www.ruthbass.com