The Berkshire Athenaeum has displayed various Berkshire County historical books that have been reprinted for use by modern students and researchers.

Many of these volumes had been out of print for decades before being republished by The Berkshire Family History Association. In the course of republishing, complete name indexes were created for most of the volumes.

The display can be viewed in the Blake Reading Room on the main floor of the library.

Copies of these books are available for purchase at the library's Local History Department.

All proceeds from the sale of these books will benefit the library. Inquiries should be addressed to the Local History Department at 413-499-9480, ext. 6.

Books on display with the cost of the reprint follow: "The History of Pittsfield" (1844/2001) by David Field, $15; "A Guide to Berkshire County Cemeteries" (1988), $10; "History of the Town of Washington" (1918/1992) by Crane & Thompson, $22.50; "History of the Town of Lanesborough" (1905/1994) by Charles Palmer, $25; "History of Lenox and Richmond" (1904/1994) by Charles Palmer, $7.50; "The Western Boundary of Massachusetts: A Study of Indian and Colonial History" (1886/1994) by Franklin L. Pope, $7.50; "History of West Stockbridge 1774-1974" (1976/1990) by Edna B. Garnett, $12; "Taking the High Road" (Savoy History published 1997) by Jane Phinney, $18.