PITTSFIELD — Reports have recently been received by Pittsfield Fire Chief Robert Czerwinski of some individual or organization seeking donations to support local firefighters in the Pittsfield area.

The Pittsfield Fire Department and its affiliation with the International Association of Fire Firefighters (IAFF), Local 2647 Pittsfield Firefighters, are not seeking any kind of donations at this time.

This appears to be a localized incident. The caller states that they are raising funds for the fire department because they are underfunded and need help from the community. The calls appear to originate from the same telephone number: 857-305-6580.

For the immediate future, the public should be cautious if approached to donate funds to either the Pittsfield Fire Department or the Firefighters Union/Association.

The Pittsfield Firefighters Union L-2647 does hold an annual fundraising event, but it is preceded by ample media notification prior to the solicitation.

Questions may be directed to Czerwinski at 413-448-9754.