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Office Address: 75 South Church St., Pittsfield, MA 01201
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For subscription or delivery questions, call the Circulation department directly at (413) 496-6355. For all other departments, if you do not know the direct-dial number, please call our receptionist at (413) 447-7311 (or long distance in our market area (800) 245-0254). Fax: (413) 499-3419
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Circulation Department Hours: M-F 7 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday 7 a.m.-11 a.m. and Sunday 8 a.m.-11 a.m.
Call Center: (413) 496-6355 or 800-245-0254
Warren C. Dews Jr., Vice President of Audience Development and Marketing (413) 496-6347
Becky Grande, Call Center Manager (413) 496-6351
Lenny Wandrei, Circulation, North County Office (413) 496-6294
Kimberly Kirchner, (413) 496-6377
Hours: Mon.- Fri. 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.
To Place a Classified Ad, email Classifieds or call (413) 442-2000
If 442-2000 is Not a Local Call (800) 234-7404
Billing Questions (413) 496-6355
Tonya Patriquin, Classifieds (413) 496-6238
Nina Delos Santos, Classifieds (413) 496-6327
Jamie Turner, Real Estate (413) 496-6226
Melodie Sinopoli, Classified Recruitment (413) 496-6353
DISPLAY ADVERTISING You can email us at:
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Advertising Team (413) 496-6321
Robert Scanlon, Advertising Sales Manager C:(413) 973-908-2238
Kate Teutsch, Advertising Sales Manager (413) 496-6324
Aimee Knysh, Sales (Pittsfield) (413) 496-6323
Amy Filault, Sales (Lee, Lenox) (413) 496-6322
Sara Masiero, Sales (413) 496-6302
Beth Maturevich, Sales (Dalton, Pioneer Valley) (413) 496-6886
Cheryl McClusky-Gajewski, Sales (Great Barrington, Stockbridge, Egremont) 413-496-6330
Sue Raimer, Print Advertsing Assistant (413) 496-6321
Jaimie Turner, Real Estate Advertising (413) 496-6226
Marc Wrzesinski, Ad Assistant (413) 822-6222
Kerri Andrews, Real Estate Advertising (413) 496-6340
Nancy McLean, Public Notices, Operator and Receptionist (413) 496-6260
Billing Questions (413) 496-6355
Hours: Mon.-Fri 8 a.m. to midnight, Sat noon-10 p.m., Sun 4 p.m. to midnight. Read individual staff bios here or click on the bio link next to the following names.
Kevin Moran, Regional Vice President of News for New England Newspaper Inc., @iamberkshire
Read Kevin's bio here
(413) 496-6201
Tom Tripicco, Managing Editor, @BE_tomtrip
Read Tom's bio here
(413) 496-6227
Erik Sokolowski, NENI Hub Supervisor
(413) 496-6293
Jennifer Huberdeau, Online Editor, @BE_DigitalJen
Read Jennifer''s bio here
(413) 496-6229
Jeffrey Borak, Entertainment Editor, @BE_Theater
Read Jeffrey's bio here
(413) 496-6212
Lindsey Hollenbaugh, Features Editor, @lhollenbaugh
Read Lindsey's bio here
(413) 496-6211
Tony Dobrowolski, Business Editor, @TonyDobrow
Read Tony's bio here
(413) 496-6224
Bill Everhart, Editorial Page Editor, film writer and critic, @BEediteditor
Read Bill's bio here
(413) 496-6271
Ben Garver, Photo Editor, @BE_BenGarver
Read Ben's bio here
(413) 496-6267
Joseph Rea, Sports Editor, @JosephRea1
Read Joe's bio here
(413) 496-6240
Geoff Smith, Digital Sports Editor, @GSmith_Eagle
Read Geoff's bio here
(413) 496-6254
Margaret Button, associate editor of Berkshires Week and the Shires of Vermont, @ButtonMaggy
Read Margaret's bio here
(413) 496-6298
Bob Dunn, courts and crime reporter @BobDunn413
Read Bob's bio here
Clarence Fanto, news contributor for Lenox, Stockbridge and West Stockbridge; columnist, @BE_CFanto
Read Clarence's bio here
(413) 637-2551
Derek Gentile, news and sports reporter; columnist, @DerekGentile
Read Derek's bio here
(413) 496-6251
Akeem Glaspie, sports reporter, @THEAkeemGlaspie
Read Akeem's bio here
(413) 496-6252
Dan Harris, editor,
Read Dan's bio here
(413) 496-6266
Howard Herman, sports writer and columnist, @howardherman
Read Howard's bio here
(413) 496-6253
Gillian Jones, photo and video, @BE_DigitalJill
Read Gillian's bio here
Dick Lindsay, general assignment reporter,
Read Dick's bio here
(413) 496-6233
Jeannie Maschino, community news coordinator and librarian,
Read Jeannie's bio here
(413) 496-6256
Adam Shanks, general assignment reporter, @EagleAdamShanks
Read Adam's bio here
Jenn Smith, community engagement editor, @JennSmith_Ink
Read Jenn's bio here
(413) 496-6239
Scott Stafford, general assignment reporter and photographer,
Read Scott's bio here
Stephanie Zollshan, photo and video, @szollshan
Read Stephanie's bio here
(413) 496-6267
Letters to the Editor (413) 496-6271
Need to submit an obituary? Email: or call Stacie Boivin at (413) 496-6357
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To place a Public (Legal) Notice in The Berkshire Eagle, you can email the information to Information required are the telephone number or account number, name of contact person, company name and address and publication dates requested. Please send the notice in Word Document format (.doc) (PDF documents can not be copied) or typed up in the email itself, which qualifies the notice for a 3 percent discount or a scanned Court Document. If you need to fax the document, the fax number is (413) 499-3419.

Deadlines are at noon two business days prior to publication date. Direct Public Notice questions to Nancy McLean, 1-800-245-0254 and choose Option 3, or FAX 413-499-3419 Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

For online advertising rates please contact your local newspaper advertising sales representative.
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Customer Service (413) 496-6150
Sales & Marketing, Nelson Bernard (413) 496-6152
Customer Service (413) 499-3500
Martin C. Langeveld, Acting Publisher (413) 496-6370
Frank McKenna, Chief Financial Officer (413) 496-6309
Catherine Wandrei, Human Resources (413) 496-6305
Andy Swanton, Vice President of Operations & Distribution (413) 496-6140
Bill Macfarlane, Systems Director (413) 496-6280
Jordan Brechenser, Vice President of Advertising (413) 496-6308
Warren C. Dews Jr., V.P. of Audience Development, Sales and Marketing (413) 496-6347
Fax Number (413) 499-3419
News releases should be faxed to (413) 499-3419