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    Our Opinion: Fighting for a raise

    09/03/2014 12:11 AM EDT
    ’America deserves a raise," declared President Obama on Labor Day, and happily, Massachusetts’ lowest paid workers have already received one through a hike in the minimum wage courtesy of Beacon Hill. 
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    Our Opinion: The perils of PCP
    09/02/2014 12:10 AM EDT - Berkshire County and state leaders in government, law enforcement and health care are confronting the opioid problem plaguing the region head-on, reacting to the high social and economic costs of heroin and prescription drug addiction. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Labor Day
    09/01/2014 12:10 AM EDT - That the successful resolution of the worker-customer revolt at the Eastern Massachusetts-based Market Basket grocery chain came just before Labor Day could not have been more appropriate. Full Story

    Our Opinion: A climate for change
    08/31/2014 12:11 AM EDT - Modest efforts to confront human-caused global warming are being overwhelmed by the pace of climate change, according to a draft of a major United Nations report to be released this fall. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Our summer guests
    08/30/2014 12:12 AM EDT - The summer tourist season in Berkshire County peaks with this long Labor Day weekend and it will have been a good one for the region. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Israeli policy in Gaza
    08/29/2014 12:11 AM EDT - In a half-page ad in last Saturday’s New York Times, more than 350 Holocaust survivors and their descendants harshly criticized Israel for its actions in Gaza, specifically the "massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the ongoing occupation and colonization of historic Palestine. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Job hunting in new era
    08/28/2014 12:11 AM EDT - The opening of a new worker assistance center in North Adams on Wednesday will be of considerable value to a city rocked by the closing of its hospital five months ago, and if it ends up staying open beyond a year, all the better. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Taking on youth violence in Pittsfield
    08/27/2014 07:29 AM EDT - Youth and gang-related violence is a community problem requiring a community solution, so the large turnout Monday night for a forum on the issue at Morningside Community School in Pittsfield was encouraging. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Keep up with cleanup
    08/26/2014 06:45 AM EDT - The "Rest of River" cleanup process for the Housatonic River has dragged on for years and will drag on for years more, but it will happen and it is wise to be out front in anticipating possible problems as some local officials are doing. Full Story

    Our Opinion: No ransom to terrorists
    08/25/2014 07:47 AM EDT - The brutal murder of journalist James Foley in Syria by Islamic extremists has triggered an understandable debate over whether or not the United States should pay ransom for the release of Americans captured and held by terrorists. Full Story

    New England's tallest lighthouse sells for $78,000

    YORK, Maine (AP) — New England's tallest lighthouse has been sold for $78,000. A federal government spokeswoman says the General Services Administration has accepted a bid for the Boon Island Light Station off York, Maine. Full Story
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    'Gone Girl,' 'Unbroken' lead drumbeat of fall

    NEW YORK (AP) — Unable to find her second directing project, Angelina Jolie took to sifting through "generals. Full Story
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    Cee Lo Green makes controversial comments about rape

    Former 'The Voice’ judge deleted Twitter account temporarily after causing stir by suggesting women must be conscious to be raped.