Our Opinion: Generous gift helps ease pain of loss of Sabic

07/25/2016 10:48 AM EDT
Sabic's $1 million gift to Berkshire United Way is remarkably generous. It is also a painful reminder of what Pittsfield and the Berkshires are losing. 
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Our Opinion: Gift to Erdogan is problematic for foes and US
07/22/2016 05:41 PM EDT - Turkish President Recep Erdogan called the failed military coup against him a "gift from God," and it is a gift that keeps on giving. Full Story

Our Opinion: Attorney general confronts bid to avoid gun rules
07/22/2016 05:17 PM EDT - As if there isn't enough gun violence, manufacturers and dealers are sneaking around the state's ban on assault weapons by peddling "copycats. Full Story

Our Opinion: A welcome ruling on BCC turf field project
07/21/2016 05:55 PM EDT - A judge's strong ruling in favor of the environmental soundness of Berkshire Community College's artificial turf athletic field will ideally get an important project moving again after being needlessly stalled. Full Story

Our Opinion: Take the time to begin the healing process
07/20/2016 01:17 PM EDT - "How do we heal?" Those words were uttered by Amanda Timpane, the executive director of the Railroad Street Youth Project on Tuesday night following a screening of the documentary film, "Heroin: Cape Cod USA" at Berkshire Community College. Full Story

Our Opinion: Early-voting effort must go forward in state
07/18/2016 03:59 PM EDT - It is disappointing to find Gov. Charlie Baker joining his Republican colleagues in blocking new voting rights measures. Full Story

Our Opinion: A do-nothing Congress heads for the beaches
07/15/2016 05:36 PM EDT - Congress has now embarked upon a seven-week vacation, which along with a nice salary and great health care is one of the many benefits of office. Full Story

Our Opinion: Block Baker's attempt to gut Cultural Council budget
07/15/2016 04:19 PM EDT - The Massachusetts Cultural Council is accustomed to fighting annual budget battles but the governor's proposed cut shows a lack of respect for an important body. Full Story

Our Opinion: Naumkeag not only venue to face dilemma
07/14/2016 04:47 PM EDT - The dispute between Stockbridge's Naumkeag and neighbors is sure to be repeated elsewhere in the Berkshires. Full Story

Our Opinion: The many hazards of a digital lottery
07/13/2016 05:57 PM EDT - Online lottery games would seem to be an inevitability in cash-starved Massachusetts because there is money to be made. Full Story