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  • Business briefs for Nov. 26 - 11/26/2014 08:13 AM EST
    Our Opinion: Giving thanks for immigrant ancestors

    11/27/2014 09:25 AM EST
    Today we celebrate the arrival on our shores of those early European immigrants, the Pilgrims. Pass the turkey and stuffing 
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    Our Opinion: It's not just Ferguson that must do better
    11/26/2014 08:18 AM EST - The grand jury decision was no more surprising than the rioting that followed it. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Better route, but not a better plan
    11/25/2014 07:35 AM EST - That Kinder Morgan is considering changing its pipeline route through the Berkshires is encouraging. It may be, however, that other towns will simply end up the victims of an unnecessary project. Full Story

    Our Opinion: No lame-duck pay hikes for state officials
    11/24/2014 05:15 AM EST - When it comes to public officials, not all pay raises are created equal. In Pittsfield, pay raises for department heads proposed by Mayor Daniel Bianchi, and proposals for a pay hike for the mayor and stipends for School Committee members, with Councilor Jonathan Lothrop largely carrying the ball, were approved recently after rancor-free debate and without a public furor. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Taking stands wiser than avoiding them
    11/22/2014 11:59 AM EST - The US Senate vote last week on the Keystone XL pipeline was all about Louisiana politics, not the environment. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Cuts, hikes require realism from officials
    11/21/2014 05:31 AM EST - Addressing potential spending cuts in Massachusetts or tax increases in Pittsfield requires something in common from elected officials — realism. Full Story

    Devising rules to cut back on casino damage
    11/19/2014 04:37 PM EST - With voters having defeated a referendum repealing the casino law, state officials are now obligated to keep the damage to a minimum. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Mass MoCA project should secure future
    11/19/2014 08:08 AM EST - The Mass in Mass MoCA stands for Massachusetts but it could as easily represent massive, as in ambition and the scale of the buildings housing the museum. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Ebola hysteria shameful in light of courage
    11/18/2014 06:34 AM EST - To America's credit, it has many selfless, well-trained medical professionals willing to travel to isolated corners of the globe to help the sick and suffering. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Welcome vote on pipeline, and a plan for Lenox
    11/16/2014 12:21 PM EST - It was encouraging to see the Pittsfield City Council come down strongly against the proposed Tennessee Gas pipeline last week. Full Story

    Ex-studio boss who oversaw major '70s films dies

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Frank Yablans, a former president of Paramount Pictures in the 1970s who oversaw the release of several groundbreaking pictures, has died. Full Story