Our Opinion: A tribute to a senator, Senate of another era

03/31/2015 06:28 PM EDT
In paying tribute Monday to the late Senator Edward Kennedy during the dedication of the Edward M. 
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Our Opinion: Using religion to cynically discriminate
03/30/2015 05:17 PM EDT - Freedom of religion is a cherished concept in the United States in large part because so many nations do not have it. Full Story

Our Opinion: Animal-free circuses are wave of future
03/29/2015 01:08 PM EDT - The era in which animals, most notably elephants, are featured in circuses is coming to an end. Full Story

Our Opinion: Questions loom about Olympics ballot question
03/28/2015 12:26 PM EDT - The proposal to bring the Summer Olympics to Boston in 2024 will apparently go before voters. Full Story

Our Opinion: Say farewell to many plants of New England
03/27/2015 04:45 PM EDT - With spring arriving with painful slowness, Berkshire residents are eagerly anticipating the emergence of spring flowers (see column below. Full Story

Our Opinion: Vigilance is required to protect CFPB
03/26/2015 05:33 PM EDT - Congressional Republicans have been out to get the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau since it was born in President Obama's first term. Full Story

Our Opinion: BNRC proposal shouldn't be lost
03/25/2015 05:48 PM EDT - Like the Eagle Mill project (editorial above), the purchase of 146 acres of open space at Undermountain Farm in Lenox needs to go forward. Full Story

Our Opinion: Buildings shouldn't jeopardize Eagle Mill project
03/25/2015 05:48 PM EDT - Preservation of buildings is important, particularly in an area with as rich a history as the Berkshires. Full Story

Our Opinion: A pol's cynical victory is Israel's loss
03/25/2015 05:28 AM EDT - Benjamin Netanyahu leaves a lot to be desired as a world leader but as a consummate example of the modern day politician he could not be more impressive. Full Story

Our Opinion: Beacon Hill pay perks must be earned
03/24/2015 08:23 AM EDT - Can someone be a leader with no followers? Or a legislative whip with no one to whip? Full Story

Judge ends man's attempt to salvage Cape Cod shipwreck

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A treasure hunter's effort to salvage what he calls $3 billion in platinum from a World War II shipwreck off Cape Cod has been ended by a federal judge. Full Story
Marlon James among winners of Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards

NEW YORK (AP) — Novelist Marlon James and poet Marilyn Chin are among this year's winners of the Anisfield-Wolf (AN'-is-feeld) Book Awards, given for literature that "confronts racism and examines diversity. Full Story
( Alberto E. Rodriguez )
Will Forte and January Jones dating

Forte, a former Lafayette resident, has been stepping out with his 'Last Man on Earth' co-star, reports say.