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    Our Opinion: Backing and opposing medical marijuana clinics

    08/26/2016 05:43 PM EDT
    The company seeking to put a medical marijuana facility in Becket will evidently drop the proposal in the face of considerable opposition. 
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    Our Opinion: Market protections are driving US drug prices
    08/25/2016 05:57 PM EDT - Empowering Medicare to negotiate drug prices with manufacturers is a good way to reduce drug prices. Full Story

    Our Opinion: All OUI cases must be treated consistently
    08/24/2016 06:10 PM EDT - The decision not to charge an off-duty Great Barrington police officer suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol has triggered a debate on OUI policy. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Resources needed for addiction fight
    08/24/2016 06:09 PM EDT - Governor Baker Monday discussed two ways of addressing the state's opioid epidemic and both are laudable. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Independent assessment of St. Francis
    08/22/2016 05:20 AM EDT - The Steeple City of North Adams has already sustained a blow with the loss of the steeple on the former St. Francis of Assisi Church. It should act cautiously before losing the building itself. Full Story

    Our Opinion: SJC blocks an end run on pipeline costs
    08/19/2016 03:36 PM EDT - The state Supreme Judicial Court's ruling Wednesday that ratepayers cannot be asked to help pay for construction of gas pipelines was not only a wise decision it was basically the only one possible under the law. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Hoping for best on BIC building
    08/18/2016 06:30 PM EDT - If you build it, they will fund, is the argument for beginning construction on the Berkshire Innovation Center (BIC). Full Story

    Our Opinion: Lessons of a bear's home invasion
    08/18/2016 06:29 PM EDT - Bears, it turns out, don't have much respect for state officials. But at least one state official knows enough to respect them. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Spectrum plan must factor in clinic neighbors
    08/17/2016 05:31 PM EDT - Spectrum Health System's apparent plan to move its methadone clinic to Merrill Road will concern neighbors, which is understandable. Full Story

    Our Opinion: The look of climate change in Louisiana
    08/17/2016 05:13 AM EDT - It is difficult to determine what triggers a unique weather event, but put enough of them together and you get a pattern. Full Story