Our Opinion: Green energy bills await their fate

07/31/2014 12:12 AM EDT
With the state Legislature again racing to the finish line of the session like college students cramming for final exams, a pair of energy bills are still awaiting action. 
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Our Opinion: A new Taconic
07/30/2014 12:11 AM EDT - Pittsfield’s School Building Needs Commission chose the most expensive option in addressing the needs at Taconic High School, but more importantly, it chose the best option. Full Story

Our Opinion: Beware pipeline spin
07/29/2014 12:11 AM EDT - The opposition of three Berkshire legislators and a Western Massachusetts colleague to the Kinder Morgan pipeline project strengthens the grass-roots effort that has arisen in response to the proposal. Full Story

Our Opinion: Probation verdict is a needed wake-up call
07/28/2014 12:11 AM EDT - The conviction Thursday of former state probation commissioner John J. O’Brien and two underlings on corruption charges should serve as a "wake-up" call to Beacon Hill said one of the jurors. Full Story

Our Opinion: Heed the police chiefs
07/27/2014 12:11 AM EDT - The sight of uniformed police chiefs in attendance at a public rally on the state’s gun control legislation Tuesday in Boston provided a powerful reminder of a fact that gets overlooked in the passionate debate about gun violence in America -- the men and women who are on the front lines in the fight to keep people safe support stricter regulations on guns. Full Story

Our Opinion: For want of a fire truck
07/26/2014 09:05 AM EDT - Pittsfield residents reading about the dispute between Pittsfield Mayor Daniel Bianchi and the City Council over a fire truck can be forgiven for flashing back to their young children fighting over a toy. Full Story

Our Opinion: Long way to Grand Central Station
07/25/2014 06:41 AM EDT - The purchase by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation of the Berkshire Line from the Housatonic Railroad for $12 million is certainly good news for the Connecticut-based company and is potentially a step toward restoring passenger rail service between Pittsfield and New York City. Full Story

Our Opinion: Decorum at the HRC
07/24/2014 07:16 AM EDT - Pittsfield's reactivated Human Rights Commission will certainly face difficult challenges, but the challenges it faced in only its third meeting Tuesday night were unnecessary and counterproductive. Full Story

Our Opinion: Atty. Rota braves lair of the Council
07/23/2014 07:02 AM EDT - Today, William Rota becomes the second attorney endorsed by the Berkshire legal community to go before the Governor's Council in Boston in an attempt to become an associate justice at Southern Berkshire District Court (Eagle, July 22. Full Story

Our Opinion: 'Putin The Great'
07/22/2014 11:04 AM EDT - As if the shooting down of a passenger plane carrying 298 people wasn't monstrous enough, the bodies of those who fell from the sky with Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 were left lying in the heat for days as Ukrainian rebels engaged in what can only be assumed to be a cover-up of their blunder. Full Story

Grandma thanks Idaho trooper for traffic stop

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A woman who got a speeding ticket while on a recent vacation to Idaho wrote a note to the Idaho State Police thanking the trooper for the kindness he showed her grandchildren during the stop. Full Story
(Nick Ut/AP)
Veteran TV impresario Robert Halmi Sr. dies at 90

NEW YORK (AP) — Prolific TV producer Robert Halmi, Sr., has died. Halmi died Wednesday in his New York City home at 90, said spokesman Russ Patrick. Full Story