The state's Workforce Skills Capital Grant Program offers an example of good government, and McCann Technical School and Berkshire Community will benefit.

A total of 35 schools will receive grants from Governor Baker's Workforce Skills Cabinet, with BCC's $465,000 one of nine grants to exceed $400,000 (Eagle, Feb. 27). McCann in North Adams will receive $127,000. The strength of this program is that it specifically addresses the job skills needed to participate in the high-tech manufacturing industry that is a critical part of the Berkshire economy now and will become even more critical in the future.

BCC, for example, will use its funding to modernize its manufacturing and engineering program. This will prepare students for careers in cutting edge fields like biotechnology. McCann plans to upgrade its lab equipment to better prepare students for careers in fields like defense, medical and commercial technology that already have a footprint among Berkshire businesses seeking qualified applicants.

In the not-too-distant future, it is easy to imagine similar government grants going to the new Taconic High School in Pittsfield, which is anticipated to offer a modern era vocational focus. THS will draw students and ideally families to the Berkshires, and programs like the workforce skills grant program will help this process considerably at Taconic and elsewhere.