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Wednesday May 1, 2013

MUMBAI, India -- Aamir Khan says he’s happy he’s been able to entertain people during his quarter-century as a Bollywood star.

His debut film, "Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak," which premiered 25 years ago Monday, starred Khan opposite newcomer Juhi Chawla in a modern Romeo-and-Juliet tale that created box-office history.

"I can’t believe how I have reached here, and I feel so happy from my heart that I was able to entertain people," he told reporters at a press conference Monday. "I have tried to make a place for myself in each and every Indian heart, I feel very happy about this."

In 2001, Khan turned producer with "Lagaan,"or "Tax," a film on poor farmers in British-ruled India challenging their oppressors to a cricket match. The acclaimed period drama was nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language film.

Khan acted in some of the biggest hits of the decade. He’s also thrown his weight behind social causes.

Khan says he sees his failures as being as important as his successes.

"I give importance to my wrong steps because I have (had) the opportunity to learn from them and I was able to improve myself."