ASK DOCTOR K: Meniscus tear may not need surgery

06/24/2016 04:41 PM EDT
DEAR DOCTOR K >> My knees hurt a lot, more on the left. At 76 years young, I guess I should expect that. 
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Flu spray fails again, little protection
06/24/2016 04:40 PM EDT - NEW YORK >> The nasal spray version of the annual flu vaccine failed to protect kids again last year, the latest in a string of failures that has prompted an expert panel to recommend that doctors stop giving it to patients. Full Story

Health Take Away: Deep breathing improves health, reduces stress
06/24/2016 04:40 PM EDT - Like a majority of mental health clinicians, I've practiced cognitive therapies since the early 1980s that are based on the premise that what people are thinking has a major influence on their emotions, their behavior and even their health. Full Story

How to choose the right sunscreen for your kids
06/17/2016 01:15 PM EDT - Summer means time at the pool, hanging out in the backyard and lots of outdoor play. Full Story

Ask Dr. K: Weigh risks of depression medication during pregnancy
06/17/2016 01:15 PM EDT - DEAR DOCTOR K >> I have been on SSRI medicines for depression for five years. Full Story

Myth vs. Fact: Transcending barriers in the work place
06/17/2016 01:15 PM EDT - Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart. Full Story

CDC study: Risky youth behaviors are declining
06/10/2016 03:29 PM EDT - NEW YORK >> The troubles with kids these days ... are not as common as they used to be. Full Story

ASK DOCTOR K: Diet can prevent kidney stones
06/10/2016 03:29 PM EDT - DEAR DOCTOR K >> I recently passed a kidney stone, and it was really painful. Full Story

Health Take-Away: Farmers markets heart of healthy communities
06/10/2016 03:29 PM EDT - Juicy strawberries, crunchy snow peas, and a range of greens are now appearing at farmers markets throughout the region, kicking off a growing season that will bring a glorious selection of delicious and healthy food to your table. Full Story

Ask Dr. K: Don't flush unused drugs
06/03/2016 02:13 PM EDT - DEAR DOCTOR K >> I've heard that some people dump their unused medicines into the sink or toilet, which then gets into our drinking water. Full Story