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    Charley's Fund - Finding the cure for DMD

    04/14/2014 12:11 PM EDT
    ALFORD For a decade, Charley's Fund has pushed the frontiers of finding a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, but a mother's love for her child won't allow Tracy Seckler to celebrate this anniversary. 
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    Hillcrest Dental Clinic provides hands-on training for McCann Tech dental assisting students
    03/17/2014 08:37 AM EDT - PITTSFIELD - When the 11-year-old asked for her hand, Mollie Messana wasn't going to say no.

    For any child, a dentist's office can be menacing, with its exotic machinery and metalic scalpel-like tools. The young girl was supposed to receive some Novocain for a tooth filling, and she clutched Messana's hand. Messana, 22, is interning as a dental assistant at Hillcrest Dental Clinics in Pittsfield. Full Story

    Top fitness trends for 2014
    01/07/2014 03:33 PM EST - If you re one of the many people who made a New Year s resolution to up the ante on your health and fitness, take a look below at what experts believe will be 2014 s biggest fitness trends in the Los Angeles area. Full Story

    Health apps that work, as shared by your Berkshire neighbors
    12/23/2013 12:17 PM EST - In the smartphone era, healthier living can go hand-in-hand with finding the right health app. Full Story

    Dr. Mark C. Pettus: Enhancing the county's health one person at a time
    12/23/2013 12:18 PM EST - Imagine the Berkshires as the healthiest county in the United States. I think about that possibility often and at the same time appreciate how Full Story

    The work-life balance: Myth or not, it's worth searching for
    12/17/2013 08:47 PM EST - Different terminology rings true with different people, but a good idea can be helpful regardless of how it's delivered. Full Story

    Why your vitamin regimen may be a waste of money
    12/16/2013 06:50 PM EST - There's more disappointing news about multivitamins: Two major studies found popping the pills didn't protect aging men's brains or help heart attack survivors. Full Story

    Family furious, hospital investigating after tonsil surgery leaves girl brain-dead
    12/16/2013 03:46 PM EST - Thirteen-year-old Jahi McMath was supposed to be released a day after her surgery last week, but went into cardiac arrest and now has brain swelling. The family wants to know why the hospital didn't act with more urgency. Full Story

    7 ways to keep the pounds off this holiday season
    12/11/2013 06:35 PM EST - Tis the season for holiday eating. And that means that most of us will pack on about one to two pounds this time of year. While that might not sound like much, annual weight gain adds up year after year. Full Story

    iPotty part of a new trend in baby-focused technology
    12/10/2013 06:15 PM EST - Baby and toddler iPad accessories are a small but popular and growing segment of the booming tablet accessory market. According to Common Sense Media, 38 percent of children under 2 have used a mobile device for media this year, up from 10 percent two years ago. Full Story

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    An Indonesian governor wants to stop adultery with prayer

    An Indonesian governor said Wednesday he has ordered all civil servants in a central province to attend mass prayer sessions and religious sermons in a bid to stop adultery. Full Story
    Gmail makes sending mobile photos easier

    Now, you can insert an assortment of pictures or photo albums directly into email, resize them within the message and make sharing with friends and family less of a time-consuming process overall. Full Story
    Come visit FX's darkly fun 'Fargo'

    The beauty of "Fargo" is watching its plainspoken inhabitants from above, knowing full well who is responsible for what, and giggling as the worst of them dig themselves deeper and deeper into a hole. Full Story