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Alternative medicine Reiki can be healing treatment

03/02/2015 07:41 AM EST
Although Reiki has been practiced for nearly a century, the eastern art and its counterparts of acupuncture and reflexology have only recently made their way into the mainstream medical community, as more physicians and hospitals explore the benefits of adding alternative medicine to their treatment plans. 
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New study: Exposure to peanuts helps prevent allergies
02/27/2015 03:28 PM EST - For years, parents of babies who seem likely to develop a peanut allergy have gone to extremes to keep them away from peanut-based foods. Full Story

Ask Dr. K: Early diagnosis crucial for dementia
02/27/2015 03:28 PM EST - DEAR DOCTOR K >> My mother has started showing signs of dementia. Will it be all downhill from here? Full Story

History of vaccine opposition
02/20/2015 04:55 PM EST - NEW YORK >> They're considered one of mankind's greatest medical achievements, yet people have balked at vaccines almost since the time of the first vaccination — in 1796, when an English country doctor named Edward Jenner inoculated an 8-year-old boy against smallpox. Full Story

Ask Dr. K: Avoid tension headache triggers
02/20/2015 04:55 PM EST - DEAR DOCTOR K >> I get tension headaches fairly often. What's the best way to treat and prevent them? Full Story

Ask Doctor K: Avoiding Type 1 diabetic issue
02/13/2015 03:36 PM EST - DEAR DOCTOR K >> I have had Type 1 diabetes for 20 years. I'm worried I may get ketoacidosis, even though I never have. Full Story

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome being viewed as disease
02/13/2015 03:34 PM EST - WASHINGTON >> Doctors are getting a new way to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome — and influential government advisers say it's time to replace that hated name, too, to show it's a real and debilitating disease. Full Story

CDC Study: Toddler food has too much salt, sugar
02/13/2015 03:31 PM EST - CHICAGO >> Many packaged meals and snacks for toddlers contain worrisome amounts of salt and sugar, potentially creating an early taste for foods that may contribute to obesity and other health risks, according to a new government study. Full Story

Is the measles outbreak worth the worry?
02/06/2015 03:45 PM EST - NEW YORK >> Measles has become relatively rare in the United States, thanks to very effective vaccine. Full Story

Ask Dr. K: Follow order to avoid infection after eye surgery
02/06/2015 03:44 PM EST - DEAR DOCTOR K >> A few weeks after my cataract surgery, my eye began to hurt and my eyelid became swollen. Full Story