ASK DOCTOR K: Depressed stroke victim can be helped

02/12/2016 03:55 PM EST
DEAR DOCTOR K >> My mother had a stroke that weakened one side of her body. 
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Health Take-Away: Simple changes can promote health in the office
02/12/2016 03:06 PM EST - It's no surprise that your office may not necessarily be the healthiest place. Full Story

13 fitness apps to use at home
02/12/2016 03:06 PM EST - MIAMI >> Don't want to fight traffic, travelling for work, can't afford a $30 barre class? Full Story

Care for the caregiver: Taking time for yourself
02/08/2016 06:32 AM EST - Barbara Arpante knows the true meaning of being there for someone in sickness and in health.

"I took care of my 93-year-old mother before her passing in August 2014 and her sister, who passed one month later at 103," said Arpante, who lives in Pittsfield, Mass. Full Story

Ask Dr. K: Nightmares remain a mystery
02/05/2016 03:03 PM EST - DEAR DOCTOR K >> Is there anything I can do to stop having terrible nightmares? Full Story

25 Salads That Have More Calories Than a Big Mac
02/02/2016 11:51 AM EST -

America is seeing a health revolution. Grocery stores are selling green juices instead of soda and many restaurant menus now flag "gluten free" or "healthier" options. And people looking to stay healthy typically opt for salads.

But what many often forget is that salads can also be unhealthy. When loaded with fat-laden dressings and sugary toppings, they can do more harm to your waistline than a fast-food burger. Full Story

New recommendations for depression screenings
01/29/2016 01:50 PM EST - WASHINGTON >> All adults, including pregnant women and new mothers, should be screened for depression as a routine part of health care, a government advisory group recommended last week. Full Story

Ask Dr. K: Get your booster shots and protect grandkids
01/29/2016 01:50 PM EST - DEAR DOCTOR K >> My son says that if I get a booster shot for pertussis, it will help protect his kids from getting whooping cough. Full Story

Deborah Alecson | Musings on Mortality: Grief — the witness to life
01/29/2016 01:50 PM EST - When I wake up in the morning, it always occurs to me that I may die that day. Full Story

Obama administration launches new efforts to cure cancer
01/22/2016 02:39 PM EST - WASHINGTON >> Harking back to America's triumphant race into space, the Obama administration is launching what it calls a "moonshot" effort to cure cancer. Full Story

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Kanye West's super strict rules for Yeezy show models

Kanye West had some pretty strict rules for how models at his Yeezy Season 3 fashion extravaganza should display his clothes.