Imagine yourself effortlessly swaying under a kaleidoscope of colors, as the autumn leaves drift to the ground in the fall breeze. How long has it been since you've admired the peacefulness and beauty of your own backyard? If your answer is “too long,” then you might want to take time this autumn to create a personal retreat. This sanctuary can offer a respite from your fall lawn chores as well as a front and “under” viewpoint for the change of season. All that is needed for this project is the desire to relax and the oldest of relaxation tools a hammock.


Once we've agreed that the desire is there for this relaxation retreat, our next decision is what type of hammock to choose. Classic hammocks have been around for over a century. They symbolize enduring comfort and relaxation that is as timeless as the change of seasons. Today, however, choosing a hammock is not as easy; they come in a multitude of styles, sizes, and colors. To assist in the hammock decision-making process, the following are a few points to consider. The hammock you choose will enable you to personalize your fall retreat.


Three main hammock styles are available: hand-woven rope, quilted, and fabric. Each selection offers support and comfort, allowing you to choose a style that suits your personal taste.

The classic rope hammock is woven by hand and constructed of cotton, polyester, or DuraCord® rope.


While cotton rope is the traditional and most popular hammock material, DuraCord synthetic rope has a longer outdoor life, has the soft hand of cotton, and is available in an assortment of colors that are fade-resistant in the sun. Polyester rope, mostly available in white, is also softspun, while providing durability in the outdoors. The classic rope hammock cradles your body while allowing the breeze to flow through its bed.

The quilted and fabric hammocks provide a full fabric bed that offers superior support and comfort. The quilted and fabric selections make possible a variety of colors and design options. You can select a particular pattern or hue that complements your home and any other outdoor furnishings. Quilted and fabric hammocks are crafted of the latest weather-resistant and colorfast materials.


“Once you decide which hammock style you'd like for your fall retreat, you must contemplate how and where you'd like to support your hammock. Two perfectly positioned trees are no longer necessary to enjoy a hammock,” says Laurie Rudd, creative director for The HammockSource®, manufacturer of Hatteras Hammocks®. “While most hammocks come with hooks for hanging between trees, a variety of stands also are available from which to suspend your hammock.” These stands enable you to conveniently put your hammock exactly where you want it. And, stands are easy to assemble with some requiring no tools at all. “When purchasing accessories, like the hammock stands, continue to look for items that are built for long outdoor life,” states JR Pelletier, manager, The HammockCompany, an Internet retailer. “Quality steel products should be protected with a durable outdoor finish such as powder coating.” Hammock stands also are made today to be a part of “backyard dressing,” as they are offered in a variety of colors. Stands are available in long-lasting stainless steel as well as the naturally weather-resistant cypress wood. A long list of accessories also is available today to enhance hammock enjoyment.

After you have selected your dream hammock and hanging device, you can begin accessorizing your personal fall retreat. A hammock pillow is the “icing on the cake,” so to speak. It perfectly accents your hammock while adding extra comfort in the lounging experience.


The autumn months provide the best time for outdoor improvement as well as lying back and enjoying what you have accomplished. The cooling temperatures are ideal for outdoor activities and projects.

Under the picturesque setting of nature's golden, brown, and auburn hues, find yourself sprawled out on a hammock, taking in the surroundings. A hammock not only offers comfort and serves as a mode for relaxation, it also adds aesthetic beauty to your yard. Take advantage of this optimal time of year to transform a dull backyard into a private fall retreat where you can welcome the change of season.

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