Looking for a way to save money while investing in your home? The answer may lie in doing your own woodworking home improvement projects.

“Homeowners get double benefits when working on woodworking projects for their home,” says Don Zeman, nationally syndicated home improvement radio show host of Homefront with Don Zeman. “First there's the benefit of saving money over what you'd pay a professional woodworker to do a job. Second, there's the rewarding feeling of accomplishment from making something yourself.

“Many woodworking projects are extremely easy. Homeowners shouldn't be intimidated by any do-it-yourself project. With the right tools and guidance, you can accomplish anything. Personally, I've found that Woodcraft stores, which have woodworking tools, supplies and classes, are a great source for anyone interested in all types of woodworking home improvement projects.”

According to Zeman, there are five extremely popular and easy woodworking projects that his listeners routinely discuss on his radio show.

Project #1 Making picture frames. One of the most rewarding woodworking activities is to frame pictures. Why? Because you'll save lots of money over professional framing fees while investing a minimal amount of time, materials and skill. Many people can save at least half of what retail stores charge for frames by creating the frames themselves.

Project #2 Installing wood mouldings.


Many homes come without the decorative mouldings that add character to a room. Adding wood crown moulding at the ceiling or chair rail moulding at the center of the room can add warmth and elegance to kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. Simple purchases of wood trim, stain, and a miter saw can help you upgrade the look of any room in just a few hours.

Project #3 Constructing outdoor decorative planter boxes and window boxes. To add curb appeal to your home, consider building outside flower boxes, planters and benches. Easy-to-follow plans for these outdoor accents are available from Woodcraft, along with the materials and tools to make the job go quickly.

Project #4 Refinishing furniture. If you've been hiding an old bookcase or chair in the attic because it's old or ugly, look at the piece of furniture again. Stripping down layers of old paint can reveal hidden beauty. Refinishing furniture is a rewarding way to give new life to old pieces while adding terrific accent pieces to your home.

Project #5 Creating small, multifunctional furniture. Tired of sneakers and shoes clogging up your mudroom? Try building a bench that doubles as a storage unit. Creating multifunctional furniture pieces can solve the problem of toys scattered around a room or messy workshops. Ideas and plans for everything from building pet food bins to coat racks to trash hideaway containers are available at www.woodcraft.com.