PITTSFIELD -- Barrington Stage Company announces the 10-minute plays for its 10X10 New Play Festival, part of the 2014 10X10 Upstreet Arts Festival from February 13 through March 2, 2014, at BSC's St. Germain Stage, located at the Sydelle and Lee Blatt Performing Arts Center, 36 Linden St. Tickets go on sale January 13.

BSC's 2014 10X10 New Play Festival titles and playwrights include:

"Man the Torpedoes" by Suzanne Bradbeer. Astronomer Henry Wallner would rather disappear into a black hole than do what he has to do today: have a tough talk with his new assistant Anita. (Bradbeer was part of the 2012 New Play Festival with "God in the Goat.")

"The Possethsion" by Ron Burch. When Ted and Becky's 12-year old daughter, Megan, becomes possessed by the demon Sethamungus, it's up to them to try and free her from him.

"New Year's Eve" by David MacGregor. It's New Year's Eve at the Parkview Retirement Home and the residents have gathered to bring in the New Year ... at noon. While most of the retirees are happy with the festivities, one of their members is less than pleased.

"Sweetheart Roland" by James McLindon. A witch's stepdaughter defeats her and marries her true sweetheart well, after she figures out which of her sweethearts he is. (McLindon's play "The Wilderness," was part of the 2013 10X10 New Play Festival.)

"Lost and Found" by Gwendolyn Rice. A middle-aged woman loses her car keys one morning and realizes that some things that are lost can never really be recovered.

"Uh-Oh" by John Cariani. Mary realizes she is bored with the life she and her husband, Bill, have made together. It's not at all what she hoped and dreamed. So, she takes some surprising action and nothing will ever be the same.

"I Love You" by Lynn Rosen. A father and son long to say three little words to each other. But it's hard when sober coaches, vegan muffins and a lifetime of recrimination get in the way.

"Debridement" by Megan Dieterle. A doctor and a young woman recount one day in which their lives merge, only to find they have more in common than they thought. (Megan Dieterle is assistant to Boyd, and BSC's Literary Associate.)

"Homeless Romantic" by Scott McCarrey. Two vagrants meet on a city street at night, compare tales from itinerant lives and share a dance.

"The Prompter" by Jodi Rothe. A Picasso painting has a strong effect on a young make-up artist who tries to get on with her life after a harrowing encounter.