Parents in Southern Vermont and the Berkshires face many questions and concerns as they pursue the best educations they can for their children. Our annual look at education in our region aims to provide as many answers to those questions as possible. We'd also like to say that without the annual support of our advertisers, this section would not be possible — so we thank every one of them! We all know education is the key to our futures and we thank you too for reading — and learning.

How to pick the right preschool for your child: What's right for one child might not be right for the other one. Our experts offer advice on what to look for and what questions to ask when it comes to picking an early education center. Page 5

Has the "new math" got you down? Can't figure out how to help your child with his or her mathematics homework? There's a new method to math, so follow our advice to learn how you can get your head around how to do it. Page 23


When to file where? FAFSA filing deadlines vary from state to state, and also by college. They're important to pay attention to, as some states and institutions also have special instructions attached to the deadlines. Page 20