Letter: Boycott circuses that use animals
07/04/2015 12:00 PM EDT - Boycott circuses that use animals To the editor: If you buy a ticket to the circus: please realize your entertainment is the result of incredible cruelty. Full Story

Letter: Calls for sanity don't influence warmongers
07/04/2015 11:58 AM EDT - Calls for sanity don't influence warmongers To the editor: The June 27 column by foreign affairs commentator Georgie Anne Geyer, should be required reading for every future administration and member of Congress. Full Story

Letter: Casting judgment is hardly Christian
07/04/2015 11:57 AM EDT - Casting judgment is hardly Christian To the editor: In response to Dorothy Kelly's July 2 letter to the editor "Christians should protest gay marriage," I would encourage Dorothy, and any Christian with a similar view, to take a moment and re-evaluate: What does it truly mean to be a Christian? Full Story

Letter: Lions Club should have animal-free circus
07/02/2015 01:53 PM EDT - Lions Club should do animal-free circus To the editor: It is July and the annual Lions Club circus will soon be in Dalton. Full Story

Letter: In Hinsdale, fun is just getting started
07/02/2015 01:53 PM EDT - In Hinsdale, fun is just getting started To the editor: I was upset when I heard that Bonnie Conner had been ousted from the Hinsdale select board. Full Story

Letter: Declare independence from meat industry
07/02/2015 01:53 PM EDT - Declare independence from meat industry To the editor: Nearly 240 years ago, our founding fathers declared our national independence from Great Britain. Full Story

Letters to the Editor
07/02/2015 01:48 PM EDT - Writers must include a name, address and telephone number with their letters, preferably at the bottom. Full Story

Letter: Crack a helmet, not your head
07/01/2015 06:26 PM EDT - Crack a helmet, not your head Thank you Stewart Edelstein for your June 25 letter to the editor, and to The Berkshire Eagle for printing the letter on the statistics of head injuries to cyclists, and the very obvious reasons everyone should wear a helmet when cycling. Full Story

Letter: Massachusetts should legalize fireworks
07/01/2015 06:25 PM EDT - Massachusetts should legalize fireworks To the editor: The time is overdue for Massachusetts to follow the lead taken by New York in legalizing the sale and use of certain consumer fireworks. Full Story

Letter: Christians should protest gay marriage
07/01/2015 11:45 PM EDT - To the editor: As a Catholic Christian, I am obliged to stand for the teaching of God on His desire for a man and a woman. Full Story

  • Letter: Nikitas column distorted facts - 06/30/2015 04:50 PM EDT
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