Monday June 18, 2012

In his letter of June 3, Rev. Daniels accurately reveals that Jesus disapproved of sin, but he’s overreacting to imply that Jesus would oppose same gender marriage. There’s no indication that Jesus or His contemporaries ever contemplated the question.

The Jewish Bible which Jesus used portrays human sexuality as a sacred energy that must be precisely channeled and nurtured for the sole purpose of maximizing reproduction. People can make all kinds of assumptions, but the Bible doesn’t say anything about same gender marriage, and population growth isn’t an issue anymore.

The Bible does reveal that humans are endowed with a free will and that the Creator reserves the power to judge human choices. The world is distanced from the Creator when mortals force their personal values upon others or their freedom.

Today’s civil rights issue is same gender marriage -- tomorrow’s may be the right to buy large sugary beverages -- but the overriding issue is personal freedom. Liking other people’s choices is beside the point. Christians and Jews are obliged to support the right to same gender marriage because freedom is the Creator’s most precious gift after life itself. Those who obstruct freedom might have the most to answer for.