Thursday August 30, 2012

I drove down to West Springfield to see "2016 Obama's America." My reaction to the movie is not quite what I expected.

An Eagle headline over David Germainn's Associate Press review August 28 describes it as an "anti-Obama documentary." This reminds me of what my favorite Democrat, Harry Truman said of the Republicans. "I don't give them hell. I tell the truth, and they think it's hell". Except for the final minutes, which suggest where Obama's ideas may lead us in 2016, I found the movie to be an even-handed report of his early life. It wasn't pretty.

My reaction was to feel sorry for him. Abandoned by his father, shipped off to Hawaii by his mother, and surrounded as he was by bitter third world activists it is no surprise that he grew up to become a left-wing activist, closet socialist, and sometimes communist.

You must go see this movie before you are qualified to comment on it.



"2016 Obama's America" opens Friday at the Berkshire Mall and North Adams Cinemas.