Monday September 3, 2012

I recently had to undergo a bag check. No, I wasn’t at the airport. My sister and I were at the Beacon Theater.

After paying $40 for two tickets, popcorn and soda, we went to our seats. The young man taking the tickets told us he had to check our pocketbooks! I thought he was joking, and then I thought maybe with the recent incident in Colorado, they might be checking for weapons.

No, this was not the case. He pointed to a sign on the wall. They were checking for outside food and-or beverages. Are they serious? I thought they meant bags from the store, not my handbag.

Well, all he found were my personal items; he missed the pack of gum. What’s next, a special wand that sniffs out chocolate in your pockets; removal of your shoes?

I will no longer attend any movies playing at the Beacon. I will continue to go to the Regal Cinemas at the mall, where they do not yet enforce this ridiculous rule. Otherwise it’s back to Netflix.