Monday September 10, 2012

After reading Olga Milli gan’s Sept. 6 letter on the Great Barrington sewer rates, I need to put my two cents in.

First, she lives in town and is on town water and evidently does not have a meter. I would put one in. Second, if you are on the town sewer, consider your self lucky.

I live on Division Street and get no sewer or water. I maintain a well and sewer system for my house. Would I hook up to both? Yes, in a heartbeat. But that won’t happen out my way. I do get snow-plowing though.

So if you think you have it bad as far as your bill, think about this. I pay capital costs for the sewer upgrades all the time. I get no benefit from the sewer. I was told more then once that we all should pay as its our town. Sounds like the politicians out there running for office.

Why people like me have to pay capital costs like that I’ll never know. All I know is the town of Great Barrington is killing everyone. I sure would like to see the people in charge wake up and start running this town like a business, not pandering to everyone who comes along for a handout.


Great Barrington