Monday September 10, 2012

Regarding Debra Johnson’s Friday letter, "Romney ex posed in Rolling Stone," I wonder if she has bothered to search for a response to her referenced article or if she had already had her mind made up to accept a leftist version only of the Bain Capital controversy?

An article in The American Spectator titled "Taking Down Taibbi’’ by Ross Kaminsky (Sept. 4) in which the author states that "Leftist criticism of Romney’s business history is ignorant, hypothetical, and magically void of similar criticism of Democrats" responds to Taibbi’s charges.

Both sides of the many contentious arguments and claims made by both parties need to be investigated in order to make a rational judgment as to which facts one is to accept or reject.

Of course, if already aligned to the left or right, it won’t make any difference, as the conclusion has already been determined and to heck with objective conclusions. Strong opinions expressed on either side should be viewed with more than a modicum of suspicion. Perhaps, as Debra ex horts, the American Spectator article should also be mandatory reading for all voters. That would be reasonable for part of a more thorough analysis.