Tuesday September 25, 2012

The Baltimore Orioles are right behind the "Evil Empire" of Major League Baseball (the Yankees) and with some luck and our heartfelt hopes and prayers they just may win the American League East. I say go Orioles and beat the empire.

The Evil Empire will do or say anything to win, win, win the World Series each and every year. Never mind fair and equal distribution of titles or competition. If these clowns lose and are eliminated, their "fans" will hate them and want all the players traded right away.

These rabid Yankee lovers feel that all the other baseball teams are inferior and need to lose each year to the Evil Empire. If the Yankees weren't so selfish and didn't expect to own it all, in baseball and in life, we might be able to tolerate them a tiny bit!

But, that ain't gona happen.


Shaftsbury, Vt.