Wednesday October 3, 2012

In 1969 and 1970, as my husband Mark was walking point in the jungles outside of Quan Loi Province in Vietnam, Willard "Mitt" Romney was enjoying his Mormon religious draft deferment. While Mark was recovering in the hospital at Cam Rahn Bay, Willard joined the movement marching in support of the draft and the Vietnam conflict. Adding insult to injury, Willard then sojourned to the hallowed beaches at Normandy where he wrote love notes to his wife.

In 2012, Willard "Mitt" Romney grouped American veterans with benefits as part of the "47 percent" of takers. No, Mr. Romney, you have it wrong. Our American veterans are the givers. As a nation, we need to keep supporting the benefits our veterans receive.

Shame, shame on you Mr. Romney.