Wednesday October 10, 2012

I see that Pittsfield City Solicitor Kathleen Degnan has been in the news lately. I worked with several city solicitors and assistants over the years, including Kathleen Deg nan, on various important legal matters. Although they all were professional, and competent, Kathleen Degnan stood out.

Several years ago, I sought her counsel in my role as a city employee representing the city of Pittsfield in court on an important legal matter. Rather than just advise me, she suggested that she represent the city instead, even though traditionally, this wasn’t done. She prepared well, and as I recall, she won the case for Pittsfield.

When Mayor Bianchi had the good sense to hire her as the city solicitor, I was pleased for the city and the department heads, because I knew her to be an experienced and competent professional.



The author is a captain in the Pittsfield Police Department.