Saturday October 27, 2012

I am confused as to why anyone would not vote Yes on Question 2. The passage of this "End of Life" question only gives a terminally ill person the option, the choice, to end their suffering if that is what they want. In reference to Robin Greenspan’s letter of Oct. 25, no one could force a terminally ill patient to end their life, it is completely voluntary. Her mother-in-law could choose whether or not to request doctor assisted end-of-life.

My mother was terminally ill and in abject misery for months before she died. Her pain was such that no amount of anti-pain mediation gave her relief. All she wanted was to die. She had a wonderful and happy life and this horrible, and prolonged, ending was unbearable for her. During this time I had to have a favorite pet put down. My mother asked why we are permitted to be kinder to our pets than to our parents?

A Yes vote on Question 2 only gives people a choice. The requirements for both patient and doctors are strict and involved. Why would we force people to continue suffering for months if they choose not to?


Great Barrington