Sunday December 9, 2012

Congratulations to Images Cinema for its essential upgrade to a state-of-the-art digital system, replete with the ability to project state of the art 3-D films.

The system was certainly put to the test in the recent screening of "The Life of Pi," which must be seen in 3-D, and the result was a transporting experience which was as visually dazzling as "Avatar" and "Hugo." I love the medium of film, but digital projection has clearly come of age, and in projection systems can even surpass the exhibition of films with the unfortunate scratches, dust, framing problems, and dimming bulbs that often became part of the experience.

I hope that the move to digital will also facilitate Images’ ability to obtain a wider range of titles that never make it to the multiplexes, films like "Holy Motors" and "Amour" as well as some revivals of classics. I will gladly watch fewer titles on Netflix if Images will screen them in the pristine manner they deserve.

Besides, Images still has the best popcorn around.