Sunday March 24, 2013

I applaud the Pittsfield City Council for its decision to prevent the Crane and Co. warehouse from being razed. As a former resident of Dalton, it is refreshing to see city government with a sense of historical preservation.

The Pittsfield area has lost many great buildings due to the lack of interest in preserving the past. The past is something that cannot be "recreated" once it is gone. Urban renewal from the 1960s has shown that.

I recall a few examples of what Pittsfield has lost and can never reclaim. The Union Station, the Berkshire street railway building, the Gas House and the Stanley Electric building come to mind to name only a few.

The architecture of the former Crane warehouse may not be grand, but it is far superior to a glass and stucco donut shop or whatever plans the developer has in mind.


Pittsburgh, Pa.