Monday April 1, 2013

Great Barrington, like many towns in Massachusetts, needs to deal with many difficult issues during hard economic times. The present Board of Selectmen is not getting it done, has made many bad decisions and already overspent on the Main Street project and a shovel hasn’t even gone into the ground. We can’t afford another year with the present board.

The good news is there is a fresh face and new candidate, Dan Bailey a local man from Housatonic and graduate from Monument Mountain. He has fresh ideas, a sense of history, and most importantly common sense and knows that the village of Housatonic is the perfect place to start new industry to boost the economy and help the community.

It isn’t too early to think about the May election and Town Meeting. Get involved and help Dan Bailey, so he can help us. We need good ideas and a person to get things done. Vote for Dan Bailey for Selectman.


Great Barrington