Wednesday April 3, 2013

There is no question about Williamstown’s need for more affordable housing. The Affordable Housing Committee has worked hard to find a solution to a very real problem, and members deserve our thanks.

I do not claim to have an answer to the question of where the most suitable spot or spots may be for construction. Probably each possibility has advantages and disadvantages, and not everyone will be happy, no matter where we decide to build. But in the 45 years since I moved to Williamstown I have seen a lot of open land developed, on Oblong Road, Stratton Road, on Pine Cobble, and in Hopkins Forest. I believe we need to think carefully as we consider chipping away at what remains of undeveloped land within our town.

If the Lowry property is truly the only place for new affordable housing, so be it. I hope, however, that we can accomplish the need for housing without developing yet more of the open land that gives Williamstown its special character.