Friday April 19, 2013

Williamstown had two windfalls: First, a flood and windstorm that destroyed the homes of about 225 people. Second, a positive windfall of $6 million from FEMA to clear the unlivable area and build affordable single-story homes.

Opponents argue that victims of storm tragedies aren’t usually owed replacement homes, but if there hadn’t been victims at the Spruces, there would be no $6 million to spend. Peter Fohlin structured a plan to secure most of the grant specifically to develop affordable housing on the Lowry property. It is a generous plan which deserves approval by generous people.

We are facing a tremendous shortage of affordable housing in Williamstown. Let’s develop all the properties available when we can, but let’s not deprive those whose tragedy funded a solution. Vote yes on Article 2, no on Article 3.