To the editor of The Eagle:

I heard author Deborah Solomon speak about her book, "American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell" at the Museum.

I was appalled then by some of the questions from the audience and am again by the letter by Charles Flint (Dec. 9) indicating that any suggestion that Mr. Rockwell may have been homosexual or bisexual somehow casts aspersions on him as a person and an artist.

Research indicates that all of us humans are on a continuum in regard to our sexual identities and expression. Very few people are either totally homosexual or totally heterosexual, although most of us live out our lives identifying as one or the other. If Mr. Rockwell's journals and letters and art shed light on previously unknown aspects of his personality, that deepens our understanding of the man.

If Norman Rockwell did indeed have "a healthy attitude toward women" as Mr. Flint states, I would take that to mean that he respected and perhaps admired them. A man's attraction to other men in does not determine his attitude toward or treatment of women.