To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I have lived in Hinsdale for 34 years. In all that time, I participated in town activities and served on boards and commissions with the intent that working together we could achieve a better result for the town.

Over the last year, the political landscape in Hinsdale has deteriorated to a long line of meetings where nothing gets done. This is due mainly to a group of citizens who have personal, petty agendas and wish to simply disrupt town government. Many in this group lost in the last election and are running again in Saturday's election.

If Hinsdale is to operate effectively, all committees, boards and the Select Board must cooperate, communicate and coordinate their actions toward a thoroughly discussed common solution.

Vivian Mason, a candidate for Select Board, is a person with the knowledge and skills combined with a cooperative personality that will help Hinsdale moving in the right direction.