To the editor of THE EAGLE:

In the Berkshire Eagle of May 30, letter writer Paul Tabone of Dalton takes offense to the full-page ads running lately in the Eagle for handgun sales at A&J Sporting Goods gun shop. Mr. Tabone, who by his tone is obviously anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment, criticizes the Eagle for running these ads.

Since when should the ideology or politics of readers influence what type of ads the printed media should accept and run? Maybe I should protest the Eagle running letters from gun control zealots because I don't agree with their positions? This is a legitimate business and has every right to pursue advertising for it.

Don't worry, Mr. Tabone, you have nothing to fear. The customers that purchase handguns at our local gun shops and all gun shops in Massachusetts all have state licenses to carry permits and perfect records. These are not the people who break into your house and mug you on the street. That's what you should be concerned with.