To the editor of THE EAGLE:

It may surprise many readers of this paper to know that many public school students are not looking forward to summer vacation or any school vacations. The reason is the kids no longer receive the subsidized school breakfast and lunch programs the schools provide.

Working in the school system for many years, I have come to realize how many children depend on these meals as their main food intake of the day. It is not enough for a lot of them.

Considering this fact, it is easier to understand what teachers are dealing with. How attentive would anyone be if all that is on their mind is their hunger? Education reform puts much responsibility on evaluating teachers, but what needs to be thought through is the issues students bring with them to class. It is not just hunger, it’s lack of sleep, disruptive home environments, lack or recognition. Teachers are not always aware of these issues and that is something we all must remember.

Teachers have much more on their plates than just teaching, and as they are evaluated it is something everyone needs to remember.