To the editor of THE EAGLE:

First I would like to commend Richard Delmasto for his thoughtful letter of June 9 concerning the Second Amendment.

While I share her overall sentiment, I believe Dorothy van den Honert’s column Saturday calling for the total banning of guns actually will have the opposite effect on her wishes. Columns like this make the leadership of the NRA even more rabid about its agenda of simply selling more firearms.

Total elimination is not the answer. I have friends whose families have been hunting responsibly for generations. They have every right to continue to do so.

We need to focus on keeping weapons out of the hands of those whose intentions are to kill people. And there many rational ways to do that if it weren’t for the uncompromising nature of the leadership of the NRA and self-serving politicians intimidated by the NRA’s might.

Ms. van den Honert’s position does not advance the goal of sane gun policies. We need compromise on both sides of the issue.


Stamford, Vt.