To the editor of THE EAGLE:

A friend and I came up from Newtown, Conn. in northern Fairfield County to spend the day in the Berkshires and see two plays. The first was a matinee -- and the last preview -- of "Living On Love" at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, starring the enchanting Renée Fleming. It was a beautifully mounted production and was entertaining despite being unquestionably old-fashioned and something the critics unanimously abhor -- sentimental. It’s a real crowd-pleaser, and I expect, critic-proof.

After this, who would have thought that Mixed Company’s production of "Table Manners" would exceed all expectations with its Alan Ayckbourne comedy? We were nearly constantly laughing at the British-flavored antics of the play’s six characters. Although only two of the actors are Equity members, the acting was astonishingly good -- the English accents seemed quite good to my ear.

Mixed Company has been plugging along for 25 years and I’m only sorry I’ve missed so much of their work. I will certainly try to rectify this henceforth. I bow to Joan Ackermann and her talented cast.


Newtown, Ct.