To the editor of THE EAGLE:

We have been dealing with the city of Pittsfield for at least two months regarding our sewer problem on Acorn Street. We had our sewer pipes replaced from inside the house to the street two years ago. Problems continue.

I went to City Hall after speaking with Ward 6 Councilor John Krol to see Mayor Bianchi but was stopped in my tracks and told it was not the mayor’s responsibility but that of the water department. I went to engineering and was told they had no idea where our sewer met the city’s sewer. Later in the day, public works head Bruce Collingwood called me to find out what the issue was. I explained it to him and he just spoke over me. Two weeks later I have still not heard from him.

It is the city’s problem, and the city is trying to play it off like it is our responsibility. The city sewer trucks have been here numerous times due to blockage problems, the last time more than a week ago. The foreman said that if "you don’t like my answer call City Hall."

The people of Acorn Street are frustrated and disappointed with the city’s handling of this situation. Also, Mayor Bianchi says he has an open door policy. I don’t believe this is true.