To the editor of THE EAGLE:

It's that time of year again when the mosquito trucks prowl our neighborhoods while we sleep and spray poisons into the air. No matter how clearly the voice of reason states the case against spraying, Pittsfield presses on with this program. We are told that we can write asking them to skip our properties while they're out poisoning the environment and wasting tax dollars. The address is In my opinion, the drift from the neighbors' sites will reach into adjoining areas so this might be a futile attempt.

Just a minute ago a little chickadee was in the birch tree outside my kitchen window hanging upside down while trying to get a bite to eat. A very young cottontail was nibbling on clover nearby. How much of the sprayed mosquito poisons will soon be entering their bodies? We're told to keep our windows shut and carefully wash food we take in from our gardens after the spraying. What options for self protection do the chickadee and cottontail possess? Please note no mention is made of butterflies. Have you seen one lately?