To the editor of THE EAGLE:

As a Pittsfield resident, it has been so great to see the success of the Babe Ruth World Series hosted by our own Pittsfield Girls Softball. Knowing only a little about all that it took to pull off such an incredible event, I wanted to give a special shout out to Tara Coty -- her dedication and commitment to PGS is great stuff.

And it was a community of Pittsfield Girls Softball families that came together, with the Cotys, to make it all happen. From the Lees to the Campbells, the Lyons to the Sondrinis and an outstanding group of young athletes and coaches -- what a tournament.

And one last shout out to Ben Garver for amazing photography and PCTV for televising the games. It really took a village to pull it all together with such flying colors and you all deserve a big "thank you'' from the community!